EMerging, the distributor for Merging Technologies in the UK, has sold three high-definition VCube HD-2K video playback systems to Goldcrest Post.

Goldcrest is an existing user of Merging's standard-definition VCube, but required a non-linear HD-capable video-playback product in their dubbing theatres to cater for HD customers.

Nick Laing, chief engineer at Goldcrest said: "Clients are now sending a lot of HD video as files. Rather than putting these onto tape, which then ties up one of our decks, it made sense to have a system that would play back HD video files directly. And of course, a non-linear, computer-based system - or even several of them, as we opted for here - is much more affordable than investing in multiple new HDSR decks."

The VCube HD player/recorder has been installed in Goldcrest's main machine room, where it can be accessed from all over the post facility.

The two players have been installed in the company's main dubbing theatres in Soho, one in the cinema-sized Dean Street theatre where all of Goldcrest's film mix work is carried out, and one in Theatre 1 at their Lexington Street headquarters in Soho, where it is being used on ADR and Foley projects.

Goldcrest looked at various alternatives before settling on the VCube HD. “Some of our clients were requesting VCube HD, and in the end it just seemed the more stable and developed platform for HD playback,” said Laing.

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