NAB 2014: Digital Vision is launching the Golden Eye 4 film scanner for restoration and archive, featuring universal optics.

The scanner offers a single lens, motor-driven, multi-axis optical system for precision image sizing, position and focus.

Users can scan any film size from 8mm to 70mm without changing the optics.

The company said the scanner incorporates many new features that have been requested by users of Golden Eye 3.

Digital Vision managing director Kelvin Bolah said: “Our customers have been very engaged in the development process, telling us what they like and how we can improve the scanner.

“We’re very proud to launch the Golden Eye 4, which provides many new features including universal optics that can handle any film size, faster scanning and automated processes.”  

Other new features include new gates and optics, a new tri-linear camera, real-time scanning in 2K and up to 11fps in 4K, and an optional wet gate.

In addition, Golden Eye 4 offers automatic restoration processes using Phoenix restoration software, and distributed automated processing using Loki, as well as limitless handling of shrunken film.

Studio Hamburg has ordered the first Golden Eye 4 film scanner with 70mm option to complement its Golden Eye 3.