US-based sports camera company GoPro has acquired video compression firm Cineform.

GoPro’s founder and chief executive Nicholas Woodman said: “Cineform is an industry leader in video codec technology and is famous in professional circles for their HD and 3D content creation tools.

“As GoPro is focused on making it easy for consumers to capture professional quality content, we’re eager to incorporate Cineform’s technology and passion into future GoPro products.”

Cineform, which develops compression-based workflow solutions for film and video acquisition, post production, and archive applications, will become a division of GoPro and will continue to develop and support its line of professional software products while contributing to the development of new GoPro products.

The first GoPro product to incorporate Cineform’s technology is the upcoming 3D Hero System, an expansion accessory for GoPro’s 1080p HD Hero line of cameras (pictured).  

The 3D Hero System will combine two 1080p cameras in a single housing to capture synchronised 3D photos and video.