Wearable camera manufacturer GoPro is to launch a channel on the Roku streaming platform later this year.

As well as footage shot with the firm’s range of action cameras the channel will include behind-the-scenes content to show viewers how certain shots were achieved.

GoPro said the content would be similar to the videos featured on its YouTube channel, which has some 2.7m subscribers.

The Roku agreement follows deals between GoPro and other distribution partners including Xbox, LG and Virgin America.

“GoPro content is unique in that it emotionally resonates with a global audience,” said GoPro head of programming Adam Dornbusch.

“The GoPro channel will make it simple for Roku customers to watch GoPro originally-produced and “best of” user-generated content on their televisions at home.

“We are excited to bring the world of GoPro to Roku customers as they are one of the most engaged customer bases when it comes to the amount of streaming content they view.”

GoPro also announced its full-year results for 2014. The company shipped 5.2m devices and recorded revenue of $1.3bn, compared to $986m in 2013.

The manufacturer added that during 2014 views of its YouTube channel were up 84% while video minutes watched were up more than 140% year-on-year.

“We’re feeling good,” said GoPro founder and chief executive Nicholas Woodman.

“GoPro was one of the best-selling products this holiday, selling-in an average of 1,000 units per hour for the entire quarter.

“With this many new recruits to the GoPro movement, we’re sure to see some incredible content in 2015.”