NAB 2014: Grass Valley has added streaming to its range of GV Director production systems. 

Second operator assist and enhanced real-time data feeds and graphics support for the addition of new content during live productions have also been included.

“Broadcasters and content producers are continually looking for ways to simplify their operations while adding creativity and cutting costs across the board,” said Grass Valley senior vice president strategic marketing Mike Cronk.

“With these new enhancements, GV Director operators have more choices, including improved branding and greater flexibility for the production of live events of any size or type.

“Ultimately, this broadens the breadth and depth of GV Director, which can lead to increased business revenue for our customers.”

Grass Valley said that GV Director’s enhanced real-time data feed will now support additional third-party data feeds that simplify and automate graphics creation during a live production.

The second operator assist feature “adds value” to live production workflows with graphic creation and third-party real-time data feeds from a single, GV Stratus interface.

SL206 & N2513