LAST CHANCE: Broadcast needs your views on the new order of broadcast compliance - impacting indies and in-house programme makers - for a special investigation.

With television scandals such as Sachsgate, Queengate and the Hutton Enquiry still fresh in the memory, broadcaster compliance and editorial policy continues to be a major talking point for both in-house and independent television producers.

But it is a subject that divides opinion.

Some people believe that the compliance process has become too cautious as TV execs seek to avoid a repeat of the scandals of the past and look to minimise risk.

While others are confident that compliance and editorial policy supports programme makers by providing useful guidance and advice, ensuring that even the most difficult shows can be made.

To help inform a special investigative report on compliance, Broadcast would like to hear your opinions via an anonymous online survey.

There are 22 questions in total, covering some of the major themes of broadcast compliance and editorial policy.

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The deadline for responses is Wednesday 8 June 2011 at 5pm.