Provides support for women’s organisations

Burgeoning US sexual harassment campaign Time’s Up is gearing up for a UK launch on the back of the bullying guidelines drawn up by the BFI and Bafta.

Set up in January by actresses including Emma Watson and Gemma Arterton, the campaign provides support for women’s organisations, including funding for legal aid for those who have experienced sexual harassment, assault or abuse in the workplace.

Time’s Up UK, which convened at the BFI last week, will begin meetings with its US sister group following this Sunday’s Bafta Awards, at which British actresses will wear black in support of the movement.

A central pillar of the campaign will be an independent, 24/7 telephone hotline, which is being set up by the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund (CTBF).

“People are looking to see how we can make changes to legislation in areas such as third-party harassment”
Kate Kinninmont, WFTV

The Film & TV Support Line, also supported by the BFI, the Production Guild, WFTV and the Film Distributors’ Association, will provide confidential help to people in the industry from professionally trained staff, with follow-up specialist support tailored to an individual’s needs. It is to launch in April. 

WFTV chief executive Kate Kinninmont said she is also exploring the potential for changes to the law to help protect workers.

“Some people are looking to see how we can make changes to legislation in areas such as thirdparty harassment,” she said. “For example, if someone is working on a film with a third party, such as catering staff, who is the harasser? How do you legislate for that?”