DDPTV founder Caroline O’Neill and Jerk creator Tim Renkow join the podcast


There are 14.1m disabled people in the UK and yet the nation’s largest minority is woefully underrepresented in the TV industry.

Two landmark reports have been published urging the sector to access the “untapped potential” of this group, talented people like Deaf and Disabled People in TV (DDPTV) founder Caroline O’Neill and Tim Renkow, the creator of BBC3 hit comedy Jerk. 

Caroline spoke to Max Goldbart last week about DDPTV’s Disability by Design report, which shows the distressing levels of discrimination and ableism faced by TV’s disabled community and issues a wealth of recommendations for how this can be overcome.

And later, Tim chats exclusively to Hannah Bowler about the second season of Roughcut TV’s comedy and opportunities for disabled people both locally and across the pond.

All that, plus a regular dose of ‘What We’ve Been Watchin’’, on this week’s Broadcast Newswrap. 

The Newswrap is taking a break for a few weeks but we’ll be back for our Edinburgh special at the end of August.

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Music: The Vendetta by Steffan Kartenberg. Licensed by Creative Commons