HotCam has launched a service it claims could save production companies “thousands of pounds” by archiving footage so that solid-state discs can be reused.

XDCam footage is transferred to Sony’s PDW-U2 drives and then onto 1.5TB LTO tapes for long-term storage.

HotCam managing director Trevor Hotz said the system (pictured) would ease fears about losing footage.

“Until now, producers with returning series have been very apprehensive about wiping their discs for fear of losing the footage forever,” said Hotz. 

“As a result, many have just kept their old discs on a shelf as an archive and replaced them with hundreds of brand new XDCam discs each time they go to make a new series.

“Our new service will not only keep footage safe, it will allow a production manager or financial director to take a big chunk out of their budget and put that money on screen.”