Picture and audio post of the Vic and Bob sitcom

Post Suite

Client Pett Productions and BBC

Brief Picture and audio post of the Vic and Bob sitcom.

How it was done While many sitcoms require special effects to sit invisibly in the source material, House Of Fools required more of an overt, anarchic approach.

This gave compositor and animator Adam Graves the opportunity to use After Effects, Photoshop and Mocha to create a variety of dramatic and unusual special effects.

Colourist Joe Stabb used Nucoda Film Master to keep the focus on the action, for example using tracking shapes to lift Matt Berry’s character, who was almost always dressed in black, from dark areas.

The sitcom was filmed in front of an audience and most of the sound in the final mix was captured live.

Dubbing mixer Matt Baird preserved that energy, only ironing out loose sync such as punches. He used Pro Tools 10.

Watch it Tuesdays, 10pm, BBC2