Brown, Quantel's non-executive director, will be hosting the What Caught My Eye session on advances in workflow.

Although talk of standards, metadata and formats might leave some wanting to run for the hills, workflow solutions have become arguably the industry's most pressing issue and the session is expected to be crammed with delegates getting up to speed with the latest innovations.

As the ex director of engineering of MPC and a non-executive director of both Quantel and Imagineer, Brown has been very involved in tapeless workflows for some time.

His session is set to begin with an overview of how the Advanced Media Workflow Association - a body created by manufacturers Avid, Quantel and Snell & Wilcox - has developed the AAF and MXF standards. Both are used throughout the industry and act as a kind of wraparound for digital content files, making them accessible to different technologies.

Brown expects to see a flood of new products developed through technical innovation during the Beijing Olympics.

“There should be new ways of dealing with near-live action. One area likely to be addressed is the creation of compelling pictures for mobile that retain the original story [of repurposed broadcast content] - I hope to see developments in this area.”