With the conference opening on Thursday, here’s our pick of the panels and keynotes at IBC

1) One hot ticket will be to see innovative Oscar-winning director Ang Lee (Brokeback Mountain, Life Of Pi) deliver a keynote speech on Monday 12 September (10am-11am, Auditorium).

He will address how new technologies such as 3D and higher frame rates can unlock a new level of storytelling and emotional power, as well as offering greater aesthetic control over an increasing range of formats.

Expect much reference to Lee’s latest Iraq feature Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, which was shot at 120fps in 3D at 4K resolution and is set for release this autumn.

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

2) The production practicalities and impracticalities of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk will be discussed in greater detail immediately after his keynote speech with technical supervisor Ben Gervais, Sony head of production technology Scot Barbour and editor Tim Squyres.

3) Havas global managing director Dominique Delport (9am, Forum) will kick off the conference schedule on Thursday 8 September.

Stand by for Delport’s outspoken views on the increasing power of the big digital platforms (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon) and the importance of local content for Europeans.

4) Delport’s presentation will be followed by a debate about the launch of UHD Channels around the world (10.45am, Emerald), featuring Sky Deutschland, BT Sport, Sony, NHK and Harmonic.

5) Advances in virtual reality will be discussed by The Foundry chief executive Alex Mahon on Friday 9 September (9.30am-10.15am, G102/3).

6) And Tough Decisions for CTOs (9.45am-11am, Forum) will be debated by Cisco, Discovery, Sony and Ericsson.

7) The conference schedule is also a good place to get to grips with the rapid advances in IP-Based Technology.

Its relevance for studios will be the topic for discussion at a breakfast session on 9 September (8.30am, Emerald Room) with speakers from Cisco, EVS, Imagine and Grass Valley.

8) The following day, the wider relevance of IP In The Broadcast Chain (9.30am, E102) will be discussed by Sony, Grass Valley, Ericsson, Broadcast Innovation and industry alliance Aims.

9) Two keynote presentations will take place on the afternoon of Saturday 10 September. In the first, Vevo chief executive Erik Huggers will provide insights into the changing tastes of the online generation – and why broadcast executives should care about them (3pm, Forum).

10) The day’s other big keynote presentation will follow at 3.45pm, when BroadbandTV (BBTV) founder Shahrzad Rafati discusses the growing power of the world’s multi-platform networks. Rafati will explain how BBTV is forming novel partnerships with AOL’s Huffi ngton Post, among others, to create a new kind of online video journalism.

11) Film producer, educationalist and politician David Puttnam will take a stab at predicting the future in a creative keynote address on Sunday 11 September (2.30pm, Forum).

He will cover issues including the extraordinary growth of Facebook and YouTube; the impact of technology on creativity; and the likely effect on the creative sector of the UK’s recent referendum vote to leave the EU.

12) And finally, anybody who feels they may have missed something at such an increasingly multifaceted exhibition (and let’s face it, that’s most of us) could do worse than pitch up to the IBC Wrap-Up on Monday (11.30am, Forum).

During the session, consultant John Ive, Ericsson’s Elisabetta Romano, the DTG’s Richard Lindsay-Davies, the EBU’s Simon Fell and other luminaries will try to make sense of the key trends at this year’s IBC.