The broadcast industry has been slow to adopt IP as a means of delivering content, according to Information TV founder Fred Perkins, who said broadcasters could cut operational costs by embracing IP-based broadcast services

“For Russia Today, which Information TV carries in the UK, we receive a signal from Moscow at 4Mbps. I have to get that to Freeview and they insist we use a dual-SDI line at 70Mbps, which is unnecessary,” Perkins told Broadcast.

Perkins said services that are carried over twin-SDI lines could be shifted onto an IP-based system for the cost of a £2,000 decoder.

“If [Freeview] accepted the feed I could supply via IP, they wouldn’t be able to charge me £75,000 a year for a 15-mile hop to Feltham, from where Freeview is transmitted.

“Most broadcasters still use dedicated lines and switched circuits; I’m very frustrated that our industry is largely stuck in its old ways.”