Input Media is trialling EVS’s C-Cast system for the delivery of highlights programmes from the French Open.

It will be the first time the second-screen platform has been used as a programme delivery tool.

Input Media director of technology Nick Symes said: “There’s some appetite among broadcasters to reduce the cost of access to the broadcast chain, which at the moment is handled by satellite.

“C-Cast is designed for multicamera delivery to apps, but we’ve used it to deliver a 52minute programme in three segments.”

Symes said broadcasters were able to view a lowres version before downloading a highres XDCam 422 version, which is delivered from an Amazon-hosted cloud server.

So far, one unnamed broadcaster has taken delivery of the highlights show via C-Cast.

“It means [broadcasters] don’t need downlink infrastructure onsite, or have to pay for satellite access,” said Symes.

“It’s added a bit of overhead to our regular satellite workflow, but with further tweaks, it will be quicker.”

Input Media takes a production crew of around 30 staff to Roland Garros to provide 10 hours of live coverage and a 52-minute daily highlights programme for around 50 broadcasters.

Last weekend, Sky Sports became the first UK broadcaster to use C-Cast when it launched the Sky Sports 360 iPad app for the Champions League Final.

Subscribers to the sports channel with the app were able to choose replays from 20 different camera angles during the game, including slowmotion clips.