Lipsync’s financial investment in BBC2 drama United helped the post house cope with tight deadlines and a limited budget, according to the facility’s head of VFX.

The facility provided VFX, audio, online and DI for the drama about the Munich air crash.

“When there is less time and money, the process has to be very collaborative,” said head of VFX Stefan Drury, who said the facility’s investment allowed it to get involved with the production at an earlier stage than normal.

Lipsync examined locations in November last year for the December shoot, with post work - including 75 VFX shots - completed by March.

“There is much more creative bargaining that takes place, with constant negotiations at the beginning, middle and end of production and post-production,” added Drury.

Lipsync built an aeroplane exterior and a reproduction of Old Trafford stadium circa 1958. The drama airs on BBC2 on Easter Sunday.

Lipsync also invested in BBC2 drama Zen.