Winchester-based technology developer Ionoco has created a complete TV studio system for a new lottery draw show in the Dominican Republic.

The technology is being provided to Loto Real, the company that operates and manages an online lottery in the country.

The deal is with Lotto’s technology and services provider GTECH and sees Ionoco deliver an end-to-end system, integrating cameras, studio equipment, computer systems and on-air graphics, for the live shows.

The automated set-up combines live pictures of the lottery drawing machines, host and studio audience with high-quality video footage of the opening and closing program sequences, audio and real-time 3D animations of the drawn numbers.

With full integration with the cameras and switchers, the entire draw show is broadcast through Ionoco’s hardware system, Ionocore.

Filmed live in front of a studio audience, the two lottery shows consist of daily draws and the twice-weekly Lotto draw.

David Walton, chairman of ionoco, said: “This has been a unique opportunity for ionoco to harness the innovation of ionologic, our proprietary software platform with our cutting-edge TV studio technology. Our solution provides high quality television at low set-up and operating cost and ensures a seamless production and draw in this lottery first for the Dominican Republic.”

Ionoco has previously provided technology for BingoLotto (Virgin), CasinoJoy Blackjack (Poker Channel Europe) and Deal or No Deal and 1 V 100 (Endemol).