Ionoco has developed a live 3D playout system for The Poker Channel’s new Casinojoy Blackjack service.

Built on Ionologic, Ionoco’s proprietary software engine, the automated 3D Blackjack playout system takes live game data from the channel’s website and plays out selected games and tournaments on television, including ‘how to play’ interstitials, branding and other video content.

Viewers can then watch players on the website participate in blackjack tournaments as the channel coverage moves between tables.

Angus Gairdner, director of broadcast at The Poker Channel said: “We are well versed in using television to engage with an online gaming community and the blackjack application is significant to the continued evolution of the channel. They have streamlined the whole process and made live playout very simple for us.”

The Poker Channel is available on Sky channel 166 in the UK.