Ionoco will provide all the studio graphics and gameplay systems for new ITV gameshow 500 Questions, which launches this evening.

Ionoco’s input includes the supply of multiple synchronous millisecond timer clocks and LED screen feeds.

The company’s bespoke game-show technology will also synchronously control the lighting cues and effects, along with the play-out audio.

The management of the question data and the pre-show proofing will also be handled by ionoco’s proprietary system.

The same technology, infrastructure and services were also supplied to the US version of 500 Questions, the second season of which aired last month on ABC.

Ionoco chief executive Simon Ingram said: “In a world of global uncertainly, the one constant in our line of business is the demand for formatted game-show technology, which allows creativity and efficiencies to be shared across territories, saving time, cost and the potential for error.”

The Wall To Wall show airs this evening, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.