IBC 2015: Evertz is showcasing its new IP-based monitoring solution, the MViP-II, for the first time in Europe.

The next generation IP-based multi-image display and monitoring system offers monitoring of audio and video from an IP transport stream with features such as loudness monitoring, macroblock detection and fault-based recording.

The MViP-II also features support for simultaneous decodes of up to 64 x MPEG/H.264 SD, 32 x MPEG-2/H.264 or 16 x H.264 HD in a single 2RU chassis.

The MViP-II can be used to monitor both main screen encodes and OTT streams including: HLS, LSS, HDS and MPEG-DASH on top of standard MPEG-2 transport streams.

MViP-ll supports all major video compression standards, including HEVC.

Integration with the Evertz VistaLINK SNMP system allows the MViP-II to support source cycling, penalty box, fault logging and reporting under a single management system.