ITN Productions’ post department has added Root6 Technology’s CardAgent application to its ContentAgent workflow system so that it can automate the processes it goes through when ingesting footage from camcorder memory cards.

After installing four licenses, non-technical production staff are now able to use a simplified user interface to initiate pre-determined workflows for the type of job they are about to commence.

ITN Productions head of post-production Olly Strous said: “We wanted to make the process as straightforward as going into Boots with your media and coming out with your photos.

“ITN Productions processed more than 6,000 hours last year. We expect this to increase even further following this investment.”

CardAgent sits on a dedicated monitor alongside a variety of camera card and hard drive docks.

Once content is ingested, one of 30 pre-defined workflows may be applied.

All the workflows include automated backup and then transcoding into the appropriate format for editorial, proxies, viewing copies and other uses.