Provide full post-production on a six part fixed rig series

Post Fifty Fifty

Client Zig Zag Productions

Brief Provide full post-production on a six part fixed rig series in which ordinary people make extraordinary confessions.

How it was done Offline media and Forscene uploads were delivered on a daily basis to Zig Zag’s in-house edit suites. The cut footage was then migrated over to Fifty Fifty for the conform and final post.

Once in final post, in order to save time, colourist Kenny Gibb used Baselight to group and grade multiple shots at the same time. By utilising Baselight’s ability to view more than one cursor at a time meant that all of the different cameras could be balanced in a controlled way, creating a natural unobtrusive look.

The exterior sequences were given a rich, warm feel that complimented the programme’s overall tone. During the sound mix, completed by Nag Kirinde using Pro Tool, tricky location recordings were cleaned up using Izotope RX5 noise reduction.

Watch it Mondays, 9pm, W (UKTV)