“It leaves you with a gentle yearning for an office with views of dewy mountains.”

Kate Humble Back To The Land

Kate Humble: Back To The Land, BBC2

“Former Springwatch presenter Kate Humble appears to have hit on a way to take Countryfile’s bucolic format and inject it with a little mid-week urgency. It leaves you with a gentle yearning for an office with views of dewy mountains.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“What made Back to the Land more than a reality Good Life was that this was also a business programme. It was Escape to the Country with jeopardy.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

“What’s not to love about a bunch of nice people doing nice things we would never dare do? And they’re not beekeeping/chocolate-tempering/seaweed-drying for money or pitting themselves against each other in a Great Rural Hoedown either.”
Chitra Ramaswamy, The Guardian

“From the bee farm entirely dependent on good weather to the former office worker now trying to sell seaweed to Japan, everything was a case of hard work and huge uncertainty, but that uncertainty being a lot preferable to the slow shutting-down of the countryside.”
Matt Baylis, Daily Express

“The Replacement is so tense that it is hard to watch. At the end of the instalment, Vicky McClure as Paula and Morven Christie as Ellen were left in a room together. Such was the electricity generated that exploding lightbulbs, smashed vases and other forms of telekinesis seemed quite possible.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

“The second instalment of Joe Ahearne’s multi-layered maternity drama saw tensions ramp up another notch between Ellen and Paula. Every encounter was wince-inducing. When the truth comes out in next week’s finale, you don’t imagine it will make for comfortable viewing.”
Siobhan Smith, The i

“The Replacement has a pleasing gothic twist to its febrile imaginings. It’s mad, in a good way.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

“This episode, set completely within the claustrophobic confines of a karaoke booth, illustrated how good Pemberton and Shearsmith are at creating maximum tension on a minimal budget. Inside No. 9 is more inventive and inspiring than anything currently on TV.”
Ben Lawrence, The Telegraph

“After several episodes of fiendishly dark and outlandish reveals, Inside No. 9 really pulled out the rug from under us this week. Empty Orchestra ended up being a down-to-earth, relatable and ultimately feel-good slice of drama. Truly shocking stuff.”
Mark Butler, The i