A pop concert will become the latest testing ground for 3D television when production company Nineteen Fifteen and technology company Inition produce and transmit a live web-only 3D gig for the band Keane next month.

A live 3D rugby match was trialled by the BBC last year while Sky has been testing its ability to transmit 3D content to its existing set-top boxes.

This latest experiment will be available to the public and will feature a short set from the Abbey Road Studios in London. The 2 April event will require viewers to log on to Keane's website and view the show wearing red and blue anaglyph glasses.

Andy Millns, a founder and director at Inition, is not underestimating the challenge the production teams faces. “Working with 3D in a broadcast environment can be complex and technically challenging,” he said. “We will be using bespoke 3D kit for the shoot including Sensio and the StereoBrain Processor which enables live 3D manipulation and monitoring - essential in a live broadcast situation.”

The production will be run as a full multi-camera HD shoot with Inition overseeing the technical architecture of the project from planning, production and technology through to broadcast.