Provide picture post for the hour-long programme

Post Fifty Fifty Post

Client LoveSport for ITV4

Brief Provide picture post for the hour-long programme in which former footballers Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira discuss their numerous run-ins.

How it was done The show includes archive footage and an art installation featuring snap shots, headlines and visual metaphors to tell the stories of the ex-footballers’ careers.

The four-camera shoot on location in the Victoria warehouse in Manchester used a Sony F5, two Canon C300s and a Canon 5D, with the lighting designed to create intimacy and atmosphere.

The grade and final post was completed on Avid DS by colourist Robin Doelly, who kept picture noise to a minimum, while pushing the grade to reveal a richly toned colour palette.

The DS was also used for laying back audio mixes, supplying composites and creating fixes.

Watch it Tuesday 10 December, 10pm, ITV4