Lawo has developed an IP-based sound mixer that supports all the relevant video over IP standards and comes with video thumbnails.

The snappily titled mc²96 Grand Production Console becomes the firm’s new flagship and is compliant with SMPTE 2110, AES67, RAVENNA and DANTE standards.

In addition to standard channel labeling via channel numbers, individual text labels and static pictures or icons, the mc²96 can display real-time video thumbnails right at the fader’s mini TFTs to aid channel identification.

Touching a fader changes the LiveView thumbnail to full-screen mode, providing a more detailed view of that channel’s video source, such as a camera or a replay machine.

The company said, “Addressing live broadcast and performing arts applications, the mc²96 offers many innovative mix-assist systems enabling the sound engineer to concentrate on the overall balance and sound quality of the production.

“The desk’s automated mixing capabilities include an Automix function that automatically adjusts the Ievels of active and inactive microphones, while maintaining a constant, natural-sounding ambient Ievel.”

The console also features the AMBIT Upmix function, which is said to guarantee perfect conversion of stereo signals for “authentic surround sound”. It also supports KICK 2.0, Lawo’s automated close-ball mixing solution for sports such as football, hockey and basketball.

The console comes in frame sizes with 24 to 200 faders. 

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