BVE 2017: Leader Electronics has added five-bar display capabilities to the LV5490 4K-UHD/HD/SD multiscreen waveform monitor.

The addition is part software upgrade to version 3.2 which was announced at InterBee 2016.

The updated monitor will make its first European appearance at BVE.

Designed for use by engineers or camera operators, the five-bar display is a feature on Leader’s LV5333 and LV5770 3G/HD-SDI test instruments.

Leader said it had frequently been requested by LV5490 customers.

Incoming SDI signals are converted into five cyan bar graphs providing simultaneous display of maximum and minimum luminance, red-component, green-component, blue-component and composite levels.

Gamut errors are displayed as red excursions beyond the legal thresholds.

Correct adjustment of luminance level using bar 1 as a reference provides a way of checking that a picture is optimally exposed, avoiding highlight clipping or crushing, the manufacturer said.

The R, G and B graphs (bars 2, 3 and 4 respectively) are supplemented by a visible alert if any colour components are out of gamut.

Bar 5 provides similar warning of positive or negative levels being exceeded if the output is integrated for delivery as a composite channel.  

Each bar is displayed as a linear percentage scale.

Supplementary features include line selection and display, a low-pass transient-error filter and a range of user presets.

In its multiscreen mode, the LV5490 can display five-bar and additional user-selected reference content such as R, G and B waveforms on its internal monitor or rasterized output.

Version 3.2 software is now part of all newly delivered LV5490 instruments and will be available as a free download to the existing customer base.