Pro-Bel has sold a large-scale HD Cygnus router to Lime Pictures as part of an upgrade to the company's production and post production infrastructure.

As revealed by Broadcast in February, the All3Media owned producer is updating its facilities in order to make programmes, including soap Hollyoaks, in HD.

The Cygnus is a 576 x 576 frame currently equipped 132 x 144. It is being used with an already-installed Aurora control system and associated panels from Pro-Bel.

Graham Deaves, a former technical director and now consultant to Lime Pictures who worked extensively on the project, said: "We have used Pro-Bel routers for our SD productions.

"A year ago we introduced a small Sirius router from the company for HD work but when we started to move the whole operation over to HD we built a brand new CAR and completely new infrastructure so that was the time to put in a new, large-scale HD router. We have always found Pro-Bel's technology to be very reliable."

Cygnus is 1080p 3Gbit/s native and offers up to 576 x 576 routing in a single 26U housing, including PSUs. There is also a 288 x 576 version in a 21U housing.

"We are also pleased that our reliability has been recognised,” said Adrian Scott, chief marketing officer for Pro-Bel. “That cannot be underestimated in the world of routing and control.”

Pro-Bel develops and manufactureres routing and switching, automation, control and Monitoring and modular signal processing tools for the broadcast market.