“This is less like watching TV, more like being abducted by it, cuffed then dragged along.”

Line Of Duty

“A final episode so tense it encouraged you not just to nibble at your fingernails, but to gnaw your fingers clean off. From Adrian Dunbar to Lee Ingleby the entire cast acquitted themselves flawlessly.”
Mark Monohan, The Telegraph

“Great acting, great writing. This is less like watching TV, more like being abducted by it, cuffed then dragged along.”
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

“Last night’s exciting final episode of series four did the near impossible: it tied up the plot with a series of more or less satisfactory reveals, and did so in an hour.”
Andrew Billen, The Times

“In other TV police shows, this would have been an anti-climax – a cop-out, in fact. Here, however, although I’m sure many viewers would have been frustrated by the conclusion, I believe it provided a solution that was twisted to perfection.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

American Gods, Amazon Prime

“It’s an enticing visual feast, but, at this early stage, it’s also confusing and opaque, and there’s very little effort being made to explain what is going on. Those who have read the novel may be better equipped to work out why a giant woman is pulling a man into her vagina, but for viewers who have not, it’s bewildering.”
Rebecca Nicholson, The Guardian

“The eagerly anticipated and much hyped adaptation is a dramatic, cinematic exploration of mythology and migration, pushing the bar of ‘prestige television’ up yet another impressive notch. Television to watch with one eye, while scrolling through social media, this is not.”
Jane Mulkerrins, The Telegraph

Doctor Who, BBC1

“There was a giddy, nostalgic tone to this adventure, from its rollicking pace to old-school touches like our heroes being tied up back-to-back. It’s as if showrunner Steven Moffatt and his team set aside the clever-clogs plotting and restored the series to its factory settings as a family-friendly romp.”
Michael Hogan, The Telegraph

“Doctor Who served up a cringeworthy parable about the evils of capitalism, garnished with a heavy sprinkling of right-on anti-racism, that managed to be dull, twee and very slow all at the same time.”
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail