“We really want people to feel that they are Lion alumni and to retain some affection for, and loyalty to, the company.”


Number of employees 94 (46 full-time)

Location London

Owner All3Media

Key shows Time Commanders; Horrible Histories; World Of Weird

Managing directors (years in position) Nick Catliff (10); Richard Bradley (10); Shahana Meer (10)


Choir; quizzes, screenings and social events; subsidised canteen

  • Nick Catliff, Richard Bradley and Shahana Meer, joint managing directors

How do you spot talent and develop members of the team?

We work with the All3Media talent management team to spot the right people for the right roles. We know the risk: once we have developed new production or onscreen talent, they will leave to pursue their career elsewhere at some point. But that is just the way the business works.

We work hard to create a nurturing and civilised environment, so that people who leave Lion want to come back to us later in their career. We really want people to feel that they are Lion alumni and to retain some affection for, and loyalty to, the company.

A brilliant AP joined us through the Channel 4 Diversity scheme. Working in London and Glasgow for 18 months, and carefully mentored, she was a researcher on a daytime show and assistant producer on a children’s show, and then on a documentary. She left to work on a major C4 series but is now back at Lion as a shooting AP.

We have worked closely with C4 on their various schemes for many years and have made full use of the training offered by the excellent Indie Training Fund (ITF).

How do people get a foot into your is your approach to company? What is your approach to apprenticeships and mentoring?

Like everyone, we are still working out the best strategy for apprenticeships in the light of government policy. We give structured work experience to BA and MA students and offer short-term work placements to individuals looking to enter the industry. These are limited to two weeks and are unpaid, but they are always carefully mentored to ensure we give them a good range of experience.

How workable is formal training in the modern TV environment - and what do you offer?

Short courses that address specific needs are very work able and we send a lot of staff on the ITF’s day and half-day courses. We also send staff on longer technical courses and support career development training in accounts and legal affairs. Specific training that moves someone forward in their career is available and effective.