LipSync has purchased a Quantel Genetic Engineering system so that effects artists and colourists using its iQ and Pablo workstations can collaborate on projects.


Genetic Engineering is a storage infrastructure that instantly shares and plays back media, allowing connected workstations to work on multiple projects simultaneously without the need to copy clips or wait for transfers.

Senior colourist Stuart Fyvie said: “[It] will speed up our front end by reducing loading time and give us a much faster turn-around in our main grading suites, so enabling us to get more projects through the department.”

In addition, the company’s iQ has been upgraded to 4K and both the iQ and its two Pablos will now run the latest version 4 software. The Pablos will also be equipped with Quantel’s Stereo3D option.

The first jobs to benefit from the new workflow include the Ian Dury biopic Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.