Lumiere Studios is adding broadcast design and motion graphics to its 3D animation and visual effects services, recruiting Beautiful TV co-founder Claire Plaskow as head of production.

Plaskow’s appointment coincides with the installation of a Boston iGloo 24-terrabyte storage server and a number of high-end computer workstations.

The company has also moved into a bigger office in D’Arblay Street and plans to bring in another four new members of staff by the end of the year and expand its pool of freelancers.

Creative director Gavin Lester said: “Commercials work is rewarding, but one side effect of larger and more complex projects is that spontaneity can sometimes suffer.

Motion graphics offers a more direct path between concept and delivery [and is a] discipline much closer to the kind of spontaneous, individual and expressive creative

outlet many of our animators started out desiring to produce.”

Lumiere Studios has recently finished work on an animation, directed by David O’Reilly, for the U2 video for Crazy.