Maverick TV has teamed up with Forbidden and Sony to trial a new proxy-based workflow for a fourpart Channel 4 documentary.

Speaking at a BVE session about the cloud, Maverick TV head of post-production Donna Mulvey Jones told delegates that pairing a Sony wireless adapter CBK WA100 with one of the manufacturer’s PMW-200 cameras and Forbidden’s Forscene platform had saved the indie “days” by allowing its production team to send proxies from the back of a camera via a 4G dongle to a cloud-based server.

It is also the first time rushes have been wirelessly loaded into the FORscene platform, which provides 1Mbps proxy files for Maverick to work from.

“The joy for us is that we no longer have to wait for media to be ingested and backed up,” Mulvey Jones said.

“The session attempted to assess whether the cloud is a “technical nightmare or if it is actually a dream come true for collaboration”.