Maxon has made over 200 changes to its Cinema 4D motion graphics, VFX, painting, and rendering tool.

Plug-ins to The Foundry’s Nuke and Adobe Photoshop as well as a fully-integrated sculpting system have been added.

Cinema 4D R14 also features new camera matching functionality and improved integration with Adobe After Effects.

“Seamless” integration with Nuke allows R14 users to directly export a Nuke project file to reconstruct a multi-pass render and provides full support for OpenEXR and FBX files.

The new Photoshop Extended exchange plug-in opens and manipulates Cinema 4D scenes into a Photoshop 3D layer, allowing illustrators, photographers, digital matte painters and motion graphics artists to share Cinema 4D files with Photoshop users.

3D painting application BodyPaint 3D has also received a major upgrade, including many features of its sister product Cinema 4D R14.

The major addition to BodyPaint 3D R14 is the sculpting toolset, which allows users to add details and refinements to their models and bake displacement and normal textures for use in their main 3D application.

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