Soho post company Molinare will open a new facility at Pinewood Studios in June.

The facility will be called Molinare @Pinewood, is costing£150,000 to set up and will cover 1,000sq ft of office space.

Because the site is outside the M25, Molinare will be able to take advantage of regional quotas to work on shows it is not currently eligible for.

The facility will be situated next to Stage 7 at Pinewood and comprises interfaces that connect to Molinare's Soho-based editing, grading and sound systems.

It will transfer uncompressed HD-SDI video, DVI and gigabit Ethernet in a multiplexed form down a single fibre optic, provided by Sohonet, to its facility in Soho.

Pinewood technical director Darren Woolfson, who worked as technical director at Mollies until last November, will collaborate on the project.

Molinare joint managing director Mark Foligno said: “We have a good relationship with [chief executive] Ivan Dunleavy and [group director of post-production] Bruce Everett, and are looking forward to working with like-minded people.”

Pinewood and Molinare have already begun working together and will deliver full production services for the BBC's adaptation of Little Dorrit which begins in April.

The decision to open up in Pinewood followed the company's recent bid to buy Midnight Transfer.

The company, which had spent time in voluntary administration, was bought by Deluxe in February this year. Foligno said: “We intend to grow, and are constantly looking for new opportunities in this vein.”