MTV Broadcast Services has spent more than£1m boosting its in-house post capabilities and has taken on an additional 12 staff in the process, writes Rick Dacey.
MTV Broadcast Services has spent more than £1m boosting its in-house post capabilities and has taken on an additional 12 staff in the process.

An amount quoted as a "sizeable seven figure sum" by management has been pumped into the Camden facility, doubling the number of edit suites available to internal MTV producers from six to 12.

The move will see less MTV graphics, editing and titling work being outsourced, with companies based near the broadcaster's Camden site likely to be hit hardest.

MTV Broadcast Services managing director Mark Allen said: "There are a couple of reasons why we have done this, it's not just a cost-saving exercise. If it's available to be completed here on-site, work will get done a hell of a lot quicker."

Allen explained that the primary focus of the new rooms would be to supply services to MTV producers, but if there was a gap in scheduling they would be available for outside parties.

Allen explained: "First and foremost the facilities are for internal use. We're not going out into the market to compete - certainly not in the same way as we do with our studios."

The new staff are made up of editors, runners and admin staff. The project was overseen by Dan Martin, head of post production at MTV, who worked closely with a team from reseller Root6, including architect Rob Holder, project manager Paul Tulit and Phil Crawley, technical installation designer.

The six new suites mirror the previous set-up at MTV with Avid Symphony systems linked to a server.

Allen also said that MTV Broadcast Services is now four to six weeks away from completing a tender process on a major overhaul of its servers and transmission equipment at Hawley Crescent. Exact details of the tender were not revealed.