“This is what documentaries should be: history lessons with human faces.”

My Family, Partition and India

This is better than most Who Do You Think You Are’s? (apart from Danny Dyer discovering that he should be on the throne; nothing is better than that). It’s not just celebrities weeping because great-to-the-power-of-eight-so-and-so was in a workhouse. It’s an examination – through a few of the people involved and their descendants – of an extraordinary historical event.
Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

Even 70 years on, emotions were understandably still raw over a decision so badly mishandled and viciously exploited that more than a million people died. 
Gabriel Tate, The Times

This was a bruising and intimate portrayal of the ordinary people caught up one of the great geopolitical catastrophies of the post-War era.
Ed Power, Daily Telegraph

This is what documentaries should be: history lessons with human faces.
Chloe Hamilton, The i

Super Small Animals, BBC1

If Super Small Animals had been planned as a whole series, it would quickly become too much. But as a hyperactive jaunt through the BBC Natural History Unit’s back catalogue, picking out creatures that are less commonly seen on TV, this was great fun.
Christopher Stevens, Daily Mail

It’s hard for any presenter of wildlife documentaries to rival [Sir David] Attenborough. But it was hard not to hanker after the 91-year-old naturalist’s carefully spun stories. This rather lacklustre version just seemed a bit superficial. Each animal was presented so fleetingly we barely had time to ogle at its oddness before the next one was wheeled in.
Chloe Hamilton, The i