NAB 2014: Avid has introduced the Isis 2500 nearline shared storage system, featuring a choice of 160 and 320TB engines.

The system integrates with AirSpeed 5000 ingest/playout servers, Interplay asset management and Media Composer.

It also ties into Avid’s collaboration system when used with Interplay Production, Avid MediaCentral UX, or Media Composer Cloud.

Isis 2500, the successor to Isis 2000, is part of the Avid Storage Suite, a new grouping of products that includes the company’s online storage, nearline storage, and ingest and playout solutions.

Operating on Avid’s new MediaCentral Platform, the company claimed that Isis 2500 would provide “exceptional scalability, performance, media access, sharing, and protection”.

The company also announced that the entire Isis Storage family now supports collaborative 4K workflows.

Avid senior vice president of products and technology Chris Gahagan said: Isis 2500 offers increased storage capacity and performance over the Isis 2000, helping customers to streamline media production and easily house and monetise media, even in the most demanding environments.”

Avid said the system supports all common media files.

Pricing for Isis 2500 with 160 TB Isis Engine, System Director with software license, and ExpertPlus hardware support starts at £100,000.