IBC 2015: Ncam will launch a new entry-level camera tracking solution at IBC.

The new PTZ device is aimed at broadcasters that want to use virtual graphics or augmented reality, but who only require pan, tilt and zoom functionality rather than complete freedom of movement.

Ncam said that whereas conventional pan, tilt and zoom heads are limited to tracking the movement of the head itself, its new system uses the company’s tracking technology to detect subtle movements of the camera itself.

The PTZ product provides similar functionality and workflow as Ncam’s Live 7D system, but for fixed position cameras.

It works on any camera head, tripod or pedestal and with any camera. Encoded lenses can add focus and zoom to the Ncam data stream.

“Platforms on a high tower, crane or cherry picker will tend to move about a little, and encoded systems are typically unable to track these movements, so the graphics no longer lock to the video,” says Ncam chief executive and founder Nic Hatch.

“The Ncam PTZ software will detect these movements and maintain alignment…unlike typical hardware solutions, our software is upgradeable, so users can add functionality as they need it via a software license. By utilising existing hardware they can upgrade all the way to the full Ncam 7D system.”