Ncam has picked up a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its work providing augmented reality systems for TV and film.

Ncam was honoured in the Innovation category of the awards, which recognise “outstanding achievement” by UK businesses.

“We’re thrilled that our unique technology has been recognised with this prestigious award,” said Ncam chief executive Nic Hatch.

“Previous attempts to develop tracking systems for cameras have been impractical because they took too long to calibrate and set up and because the systems tend to drift, causing more time lost in re-calibration. Time is money on a film set; time is unavailable in a live broadcast.”

Ncam’s tracking system uses a combination of multiple sensors which the company says can be mounted to any camera.

At NAB last week Ncam demonstrated its tracking technology with Epic Games development tool Unreal Engine for a “photorealistic” augmented reality offering.

Ncam said the ability to add graphics elements in real time would reduce the requirement for post-production and be of benefit for episodic TV.