User experience specialist Accedo is working with Telekom in Germany on a new VR app – Magenta Musik 360 – to live stream VR content from music events.

Live VR

The software was used during music festival Rock am Ring last month, with Telekom delivering live VR content from multiple stages. Magenta Musik 360 was also used during a Gorillaz concert in Cologne to create four different live VR perspectives of the performance.

Magenta Musik 360 works across multiple devices, including Samsung Gear VR, Android and iOS phones and tablets. It will be extended to more devices, platforms and types of music events in the future. The product is delivered using Accedo’s cloud-based video management platform AppGrid, to enhance the video experience depending on the device being used to view it.

According to Accedo: “Unlike many other VR video services, it allows the user to completely navigate inside the immersive VR experience, solving the challenging user experience with an intuitive multi-level information structure.”