Two new directors have joined the board of Covent Garden-based International Broadcast Facilities (IBF) after buying up 25% of the company.

Gordon Crabb and Andrew Denyer have become executive directors allowing the three other directors to take more of a back seat role.

Crabb and Denyer paid an undisclosed sum for shares released following the retirement of director Maureen Timmers.

Although Crabb and Denyer initially bought 25% of IBF, the percentage they own is likely to change as a result of a share restructure in the future. Crabb said: “The company needed younger blood offering a fresh outlook.”

Before becoming directors of IBF, Crabb worked as a facilities manager while Denyer was a bookings executive.

The change in management coincides with the company branching out into IPTV. The company has until now focused on duplication but is looking at providing IPTV services in Europe.

It has developed a relationship with Greek telecoms provider OTE and is currently building files for its on-demand system.

Crabb said: “It is quite a complicated process, although the files have already been created they need to be reversioned and subtitled. There are variants on codecs and file types too.”

IBF employs 36 people and focuses largely on duplication. It also benefits from a strong relationship with Storm HD - an eight-strong company based in the same building which specialises in editing and finishing.