Pepper Post has bought an Agility 2G encoder from reseller Tyrell CCT as it looks to significantly improve its transcoding services for multiplatform delivery.

The Anystream-manufactured system will be placed at the heart of a bespoke workflow, also developed by Tyrell, that will automatically transcode and deliver video for the web and mobile, with the ability to transcode up to 100 films a day.

The first project to make use of the new set-up will be Projector TV, an IPTV and video-on-demand platform specialising in world cinema, independent movies, documentaries and international programming.

Pepper Post joint managing director Shane Warden commented: “The Agility 2G gives us significant transcoding abilities and a scalable architecture to respond to a growing market. We now have the ability to offer fast and flexible encoding and transcoding services at any level and volume.”