Thomson Grass Valley is bringing to market two new versions of the Rev Pro removable media cartridges that store data from the Infinity camcorder.

The Rev Pro XP and Rev Pro ER disks will hold 40 and 65 gigabytes (GB) respectively, up from the 35 GB possible in previous incarnations.

The Rev Pro XP is tuned for high performance, while the Rev Pro ER focuses on capacity.

  • Rev Pro XP (eXtended Performance) has dual stream capability, enabling a user to record and playback simultaneous 75 megabytes per second (Mbps) HD streams. It offers more than 50 minutes of HD recording at 75 Mbps and more than 40 minutes at 100 Mbps (using JPEG 2000).

  • Rev Pro ER (Extended Recording allows documentary shooters - and others who require longer record times - to store more than 70 minutes of HD material at 100 Mbps, or 90 minutes at 75 Mbps. Other options include more than four hours of SD capacity.

Both work with the Thomson Grass Valley Infinity Digital Media Camcorder and its Digital Media Recorder as well as the Thomson Grass Valley Digital Media Drive.

The cartridges are supported by a wide range of Thomson Grass Valley and third-party edit systems.

According to Thomson, because Rev Pro is magnetic-based it “offers the longest reliable shelf life of any IT storage media - including optical discs - remaining stable for more than 30 years.”

The Rev Pro XP 40 GB disk costs approximately£35 while the Rev Pro65 GB disk costs about£40. Both will be available later this year.