Presteigne Broadcast Hire has introduced a new packaged RF camera system, the SC100.

The SC100 was designed in response to a need from NEP Visions and will be used as the touchline camera for its Premier League football coverage this season.

The SC100 includes a Steadicam mount, two-way low latency RF circuits, and colour matching with popular models of outside broadcast cameras.

The package includes a short form factor Sony camera. The camera is colour matrix mapped to cameras from Grass Valley and Sony, and is controlled from the vendor’s OCP to simplify the task of the vision engineer.

Preseteigne chief executive Mike Ransome said: “The whole system end-to-end is a single package, which just connects into whatever camera control is being used on the rest of the OB. Press a button and the camera is matched, too.

“It is simple, flexible, and we think it is going to be seen as a great solution for touchlines and anywhere else you have to track players.”

The SC100’s MPEG-4 video links use Cobham or VisLink technology, with a four-antenna diversity reception system supplied as standard.

An eight-antenna system is also available.

The intention is that the primary and reverse video feeds will operate in licensed bands with Presteigne to set frequencies as appropriate for each project.

Up to four SC100 cameras can be controlled simultaneously per telemetry channel.