The ESL may be consigned to the dustbin but we use the opportunity to assess the state of play in sports broadcasting 

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After a 48-hour period like no other in sport, the English Super League (ESL) is no more. But that won’t stop the Newswrap from using this opportunity to assess the state of play in sports broadcasting. 

Joining Jesse Whittock on the pod this week is Whisper managing director Mark Cole, a former head of football at the BBC, along with Broadcast Sport editor Jake Bickerton and contributor Max Miller. 

The quartet mull over the impact the ESL could have had on an already fragmented sector, and consider the state of play now that the much-maligned league has been cast to the annals of history. 

All that, plus plenty of What We’ve Been Watchin’, on this week’s Broadcast Newswrap.

This week’s podcast was sponsored by the Creative Cities Convention

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