IBC 2014: NewTek has unveiled TalkShow VS-100, a video calling system for live productions built on the Skype TX platform.

TalkShow users will have access to customisable settings for colour correcting live video calls as well as SDI-embedded audio and compressor/limiter, equalisation, and adjustable head-room controls for improving audio quality.

“Almost every live TV and video programme includes a conversation between people—whether it’s a news or entertainment show, a sporting event, or even a corporate meeting,” said NewTek president and chief technology officer Andrew Cross.

 “While there’s been a growing trend to incorporate social media—such as live Twitter feeds—directly into these programmes, integrating a two-way dialogue over Skype dramatically shifts the experience to a more engaging and participatory event.

“TalkShow truly breaks down the fourth-wall in traditional live television.

“It’s a fast, easy, low-cost way to reach anyone in any location with a simple Skype video call and to enrich programme content with immediate access to the fresh perspective, analysis and opinions that only a guest speaker can deliver.”

NewTek said that anyone with an SDI-connected video production switcher and an internet connection can use TalkShow.

Skype contributors should have a broadband connection of greater than 1.2Mbps for HD calling.

Producers using TalkShow with NewTek’s TriCaster multi-camera video production systems (pictured) will be able to route Skype video calls directly to and from a TriCaster over a network connection without tying up an additional HD-SDI input.

The TalkShow VS-100 model is expected to ship in during the last quarter of the year for an introductory price of £2,450 ($3,995).

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