Two directors who ran a production hub at the London 2012 Olympics have set up a sport and events production company.

Starfish Television, which officially launched this week, will work with rights holders, international broadcasters and sports federations to supply live TV production, distribution and media management services.

The company is investing up to £400,000 in fly-pack kit, which will include a vision-mixing desk, an audio desk, monitoring equipment and broadcast comms.

Directors Tony Still and Kevin Magee have previously provided technical production resources including camera channels, lenses, EVS servers, vision and audio desks to the West Indies Cricket Board.

They supplied kit and services to the host broadcaster for two ICC Cricket World Cups, including the 2007 event in the Caribbean.

“We are in the final stages of due diligence, so we’ve yet to confirm how and where the fly away kit will be made up,” said Still. “Because we cover multiple events in different locations, we want something that is lightweight, robust and quick to assemble, that will be able to support a production for up to 12 cameras, and be fully HD.”

Still said East London-based Starfish had already been approached by several international broadcasters to provide production services at the World Cup and Olympics in Brazil in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

At London 2012, Starfish provided a production hub for Chinese internet giant Tencent, as well as an editing suite and cameras for foreign media in Stratford.