Video interviews with a few of the manufacturers displaying their wares at the Las Vegas trade show.

From 4K cameras to anamorphic lenses, we caught up with a handful of manufacturers at NAB to find out what’s new in the world of acquisition tools.

Ted Schilowitz speaks about Red's latest sensor - the 6K Dragon.

Glenn Kennel on Arri's updated Alexa, the XT.

Stuart Ashton on Blackmagic's 4K camera and anticipated delivery dates for the firm's latest devices.

Jean Le Poulain on Angeneiux's new anamorphic zoom lenses.

Les Zellan on the benefits of shooting TV dramas with anamorphic lenses.

Olivier Bovis on the production tools needed to shoot and deliver 4K.

Gustav Emrich on the new live streaming capabilities of the GY-HM650.