Police are hunting the perpetrator of a co-ordinated online attack against the boss of film-processing and post firm iLab.

Fake Twitter and LinkedIn accounts were set up in head of European business Jon Thompson’s name, together with a blog that falsely claimed that Soho-based iLab had closed down.

“Someone obviously has a dislike of myself and [iLab’s parent firm] Reliance Media Works because they are trying to undermine us,” Thompson said. “It’s identity theft at its most slanderous.”

The Twitter and LinkedIn accounts have been suspended, but the Google-hosted blog is still online.

The blog also states that iLab staff members have been abused and that suppliers have not been paid, claims that are strenuously denied by Thompson.

“It’s all nonsense,” he said. “No staff have left here in the past six months and suppliers have all been paid – we’re a processing lab, and things like chemicals don’t turn up if you don’t pay people.”

Thompson said the Metropolitan Police were investigating the matter, attempting to trace the creator of the blog through their IP address.

“We have a list of suspects but it would be inappropriate to discuss it. It’s somebody who knows us,” Thompson said, adding that none of iLab or Reliance’s systems had been compromised.