NAB 2016: Panasonic and Canon have jointly developed a gateway for sending 4K and HD baseband video over IP networks and are trialling the new technology at NAB.

The VoIP Gateway converts 4K/60p signals into IP packets and uses TICO compression to enable transmission of up to three channels of 4K/60p on a single 10GbE cable.

To test that it works, a 10Gb Ethernet cable is connecting the Panasonic booth (pictured) to the Canon booth (C3627), with each having a 4K camera, and Panasonic hosting a 4K video server. Using the VoIP Gateway and switching software, visitors can select video to display from the server.

The set-up allows for two-channel 4K/60p signals or eight-channel HD signals in a 1U size complying with SMPTE 2022, SMPTE 2059 and SMPTE RDD 35, as well as time-synchronisation through the IP network.

In the future, Panasonic hopes to build the VoIP gateway functionality directly into its products.

Panasonic joined the AIMS association in March 2016.